A Customer Review that was to BIG to publish ;-)

October 15, 2020

A Customer Review that was to BIG to publish ;-)



 My real problems started around 2014/15.  I had been DE shaving since 2010 and exercised a reasonable degree of restraint during those early five years in terms of shaving product purchases.  However, I should have known then that a malady was creeping upon me, but you think it’s all quite harmless and just keep going, don’t you?  Yes, I dabbled with various razors, brushes, creams and soaps etc. from online retailers that were offering so much more than you could get over the counter at the usual high street vendors.

 But then came along this guy David McMillan with his ‘Shaving Time’ website and ever enticing products from overseas that were very difficult to acquire in the UK.  How else could I get my hands on the wonderful stuff from the USA without incurring excessive customs charges?  It all seemed innocuous at first, a little ‘add to basket ‘ here, and another ‘add to basket’ there….it was all made so easy as this chap had the audacity to offer 10% discounts to encourage you even more.

 I remember those early days of splurging on his Phoenix and Beau, WSP, Caties Bubbles, K Shave Worx, Fuzzy Face, Squadron, and Lather Bros to name a few.  Of course I became ‘curiouser and curiouser’ (as Louis Carroll once said) as I slipped deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole and into Wonderland.

 My wife recognised those tell-tale signs of stalking the postman for deliveries. I know now it was Shaving Time’s Stirling range that tipped me over the edge as I began to indulge in so many of those delicious tubs of goodness.  The RAC (‘Razors Anonymous Craving’ group) was sadly no help, and those damn Shaving Forums did nothing but encourage you even more.  With no known alternative support to turn to I checked in to the Rehab Centre together with a poor attempt to try and use up products I had amassed.

 Time passed and I was eventually declared to be in recovery and felt able to have a crafty perusal of the internet.  And would you believe that the bloke at Shaving Time was still up to his old tricks….yes, yet more products from across The Pond and afar.  I initially resisted the new Highland Spring Soap range, but then he had the nerve to tempt me with the promise of yet more delightful smells and appealing packing from the latest Moon range.  By now I was furious as he had also introduced a rewards scheme and a mobile purchasing App for the phone!  Just had to grab me some ‘Union’ soap and balm, and wow what a delight!!

I hold that David McMillan personally responsible for my latest regression and inevitable decline back into the murky depths of the burrow.  You might think he has no shame as he blatantly flaunts these enticing products all over his website. It’s a diabolical liberty and I think he should be strung up and given 50 lashes at dawn ………… OR conversely, a massive Cuban Havana cigar, with a Cognac, for services that do nothing to alleviate a most pleasurable condition where there is no known cure …….other than prayer and sublime acceptance!



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