RazoRock BBS Silver Razor & Officina Artgiana

August 05, 2020

RazoRock  BBS Silver Razor & Officina Artgiana

The Officina Artigiana Traditional  Soap is the new premium brand of Italian shaving soap, when matched with the the RazoRock BBS Silver Razor, we are talking the shave of kings. The razor is made from aluminium and the blade is completely covered, this allows for the smoothest & easiest daily shave possible.

The soap and splash scent is a deep and rich combination of Whisky, Tobacco Leaf and Saffron. The Aftershave contains 15% fragrance oil (normally 4%) and with 80% denatured alcohol, it can be classed as a cologne, The scent will last all day and into the evening.

The shave was fantastic, the lather was simply a monster....

Watch the Video here ...


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