A Deeper Look at Extro Cosmesi Vetiver

October 21, 2020

Extro Comesi Vetiver Brush and Razor Shave

Vetiver as a scent often viewed as old, traditional and not really for the young modern man. Without being aged, I remember sitting on a bus in Edinburgh and smelling such an intoxocating scent, there were only two of us on the bus , a younger version of me and an older gentleman, very well dressed , almost dapper, and whatever aftershave or cologne he was wearing, I wanted! 

It was not until years later that I fell upon Guerlain Vetiver, this was without doubt the scent that the Gentleman on the bus was wearing, this scent is replicated alsmost entirely by Fine Accoutrements Green Vetiver and yes that's what led me down the path to find that scent that had imbedded itself in my memory banks.

Now Extro Cosmesi Vetiver Shaving Cream and EDT sail firmly against that grain as they are lighter almost citrus in their aspect . Although Vetiver by name, it is essentialy a light, bright and citrus based Vetiver version. So if you have always been hesitant of going down the Vetiver route, then I recommend the Extro Cosmesi version for your first venture into these grassy delights. As with wine, your first bottle will be sweeter, lighter and brighter and as your tastes expand through experience, you will start to enjoy the heavier more robust reds.

This Vetiver hits you with a bright fresh citrus combination of  bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and pineapple. the citrus subsides to leave a mixed scent of flora and vetiver that lingers on the skin for the majority of the day.  

The formula is vegetal and the lather is bountiful. It is rich and thick and provides superb glide and a wonderful post shave feel. The EDT finishes the shave, just make sure you shake the bottle first.

If you ever thought Vetiver was boring and old fashioned, think again!

Your Vetiver path starts with Extro Cosmesi Vetiver, then who knows what path you will take, after all it's only grass.

Dave McMillan 

Owner & Chief Bottle Washer

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