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    Abysso Shaving Soap by The Goodfellas' Smile is an Italian hand made quality shaving soap. Made the traditional way with only the purest of products. The process in making this soap is everything and the product proves this. Scent: An opening bouquet of ci...
    £8.75 GBP
    Abysso Aftershave by The Goodfellas' Smile, deepen and lengthen the scent experience of the Shaving Soap with the matching  aftershave. Inspired by Davidoff Coolwater An opening bouquet of citrus with bergamot, pineapple and fougere, followed by heart note...
    £11.49 GBP
    Traditional straight razors or cutthroats are wonderful things to own, I have a few. However, there is nothing on this Earth sharper than a DE blade. Take a DE blade snap it in half and place it in the Abysso or any other razor designed to accept the half ...
    £13.94 GBP
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