Aftershave Splashes

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Once you have given yourself that perfect shave then the next thing is to close those open pores and prolong that Shaving Soap Scent, and the best way to do that is to apply a healthy dose of the matching aftershave splash, whether by hand or using a vaporizer, either way, you will be heaven scented for the rest of the day Aftershave faq's here.

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Afteshave FAQ's

Here we go over some typical questions that people ask about Aftershaves

What does aftershave do?

Aftershave seals the deal , once you have shaved and rinsed, by applying an aftershave, you will close any open pores and if the aftershave contains Witch Hazel, you will be adding this skin healing and irritation calming natural ingredient to your skin to help the skin heal and retain moisture post shave. 

Why use aftershave?

Applying aftershave is the final act of the shave, it helps the skin and prolongs the scent on your skin. Even without shaving you can apply a splash and smell good all day. 

How to apply Aftershave?

You can either pour a little into the cup of your hand and apply to your face, not your eyes. You can also fit a vaporizer to the bottle and the fine aftershave mist once sprayed on your face will extend the scent even longer.

What is in aftershave?

Most Aftershave contains denatured alcohol, this allows the perfume within the aftershave to penetrate the skin and thus release the scent over a span of a few to several hours dependant on the strength of the aftershave. Strength being measured in alcohol and fragrance oil percentage.  The higher the percentage, the higher the longevity. Additional natural chemicals such as witch hazel and aloe vera help the skin heal and replenish.

Some splashes contain no alcohol, and these are purely skin beneficial, they will not last as long on the skin but are excellent for those with sensitive skins.

What is better Aftershave, EDT or Cologne?

Many of our artisans produce splashes with differing percentages of alcohol and parfume, dependant on the percentage of alcohol and fragrance oil, they can be, based on those percentages be classed as Splashes 50-60% alcohol, EDT around 70-75% and Colognes at 80% plus.