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Boar Shaving Brush

Boar Shaving Brush

Beautiful dense boar brush with a substantial amount of backbone.  Set into a sturdy faux ivory and black resin handle.  Will build lather at a price point well above its retail cost. Boar brushes do have a break in period and a mild animalistic scent whic...
£12.20 GBP
The Goodfellas' smile and Omega Brush revisit and give new life to a series of great Made in Italy classics . Brushes with imposing dimensions, capable of assembling any shaving soap in seconds.The Wild Hog brush was created to support the older brother KI...
£6.51 GBP
The Hog, is a small travel brush designed for that purpose but using the highest quality Boar bristles. It's a small brush, but not really a brush of smallness. As with all Boar brushes, it will improve soften and fan with use. Your patience will result in...
£4.34 GBP
Boar Shaving Brush

Proraso Boar Shaving Brush

The Proraso brush is made with stiff pig bristles, ideal to vigorously mount the soap directly in the bowl (or in a cup), allowing, thanks to its size, to distribute large quantities of foam on the face with maximum simplicity. All Boar brushes take time t...
£13.50 GBP
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