Extro Cosmesi Bay Rum Shaving Cream 150ml

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Extrò Cosmesi Bay Rum shaving cream is made with a hypoallergenic formulation and is suitable for delicate skin. Pair with the Aftershave Eau de toilette for that continuing scent sensation. Although classed as a cream, this is a half soap, half cream, a croap made in the traditionally Italian way.

Enriched with coenzyme q10, a precious anti-wrinkle, elastin, a protein that keeps the skin elastic and toned. the macadamia oil allows excellent blade glide as well as soothing any irritation. more than a shaving cream, a real beauty treatment, wrapped in the warm fragrance of bay rum

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Aqua (Water), Cucus Nucifera Oil, Steearic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Hypericum Peroratum Extract, Parfum.


Glass jar with 150ml of soap with screw top lid 

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