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Merkur 39C Slant Safety Razor The Merkur Slant 39C Barber Pole safety razor. The barber pole slant bar 39C is a longer handled version of the Merkur Slant 37C. Any man with sensitive skin or an unusually coarse or thick beard hair will agree that regular s...
£39.95 GBP
Merkur 15C Open Comb Safety Razor The 15C is an open comb double edged safety Razor, it is classic 3 piece razor built with wisdom by the manufacturer Merkur.  Perfect for that close comfortable shave. The chrome plated 15C is a three piece DE razor. Dimen...
£29.99 GBP
Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Loved all over the world, the 33C safety razor is a classic 3 piece razor built with wisdom by the manufacturer Merkur. Great for the beginner, but also much appreciated by fans of classic shaving. The chrome pla...
£28.99 GBP
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