Pre-owned Razors

Made in Japan by Katai, the world leaders in the manufacture of modern top end shaving razors and blades. There is no better razor at giving you the closest and smoothest shave , no razor whether straight, cutthroat or double edged can produce the closenes...
£120.00 GBP
Made in the USA: iKon Shave Craft safety razorss are expertly machine tooled from single blocks of rust proof stainless steel to fine tolerances. Some heads are made from aircraft grade aluminium. The handle of each razor is machined from 316L marine grade...
£49.00 GBP
Thiers-Issard is a very long standing and respected professional cutlery company located in Thiers, France. The business was originally founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers who had a reputation for being a particularly skilful blacksmith, producing straight ra...
£180.00 GBP
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