Traditional wet shaving double and single edged blade razors, made with quality materials, shipped direct to your door.
We also stock Razors Blades.
Can't decide? Read how to choose your razor.

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Blackland Vector Safety Razor


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    Closed Comb Head by The Goodfellas' Smile

    The Goodfellas' Smile

    £14.49 GBP

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      Sold out

      Quality Razors from Shaving Time

      Here at Shaving Time, we only stock the highest quality razors, from the best brands in the world. We focus on that traditional shaving style, with open blade razors that you might find at a barbershop, or in centuries gone by. Get that smooth shave every time, with the traditional fresh feel of a good wet shave. Choosing a plastic free reusable razor is a great eco-friendly option.

      Razor Brands

      Some of our most popular razor brands are::

      What's the Best Razor for me?

      To understand what the best razor would be for you, you have to consider the following factors:

      • Type - which type do you prefer? There are safety razors, straight razors, and then the modern cartridge and disposable razors. Safety razors offer the best of both worlds, whereas a straight razor offers the most control.
      • Skin Sensitivity - as cartridge razors irritate the skin, you're better using a safety razor if you have sensitive skin.
      • Price - cartridge razors offer a cheap up front cost, but are expensive in the long run. Safety razors are more expensive upfront, but are cheaper in the long run.

      Hopefully the above info will help you make an informed decision on which razor to buy. Remember that choosing a good shaving soap or cream will help to enhance your shave even more.

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