Saponificio Varesino

Saponaficio Varesino Soaps are completely made by hand using this traditional Cauldron process (Lavorazione in Caldaia) where the extra pure vegetable based liquid soap is heated in a large cauldron until a soap paste is formed. This paste is then rinsed several times with fresh water to remove any impurities. The soap is then allowed to naturally dry in moulds for a few days. The resultant soap is then hard stamped with the Varesino logo, and finally packaged for sale. 

This is a high quality vegetable based shaving Soap. With frequent use the soaps natural cleansing properties gently sooths and softens the skin so that it becomes softer and more supple with improved elasticity.

The Aftershave Lotions are made using plant based alcohol, they can be used as a splash or as an aftershave balm, they are light and easily absorbed.

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