Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes are the perfect tool for lathering shaving soap or cream for that authentic wet shave. Get that barbershop feeling today!

We have traditional brushes made from Badger, Boar and Synthetic materials. All from top brands like Stirling, RazoRock, and Proraso.

Need more info? Check out our Brush FAQ section below.

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Using a brush will produce a rich shaving lather that will lift and soften your beard hair, giving you a more satisfying shave.

They also reduce the chance of in-growing hairs.

Here we have answers to some common questions about shaving brushes.

shaving brushWhat is a Shaving Brush?

A shaving brush (shave brush) is a small brush used to create lather from shaving soap or shaving cream. It helps during the application too, allowing you to "buff" your face in a circular motion. It also makes the process of applying the shaving product quite enjoyable. They tend to come in either organic materials (Badger or Boar hairs) or Synthetic. The size varies too, with some larger options, and smaller travel brushes available.

How do you make a lather with it?

The most common way to do this is via a shaving bowl.

The technique you use will vary depending on whether you're using shaving soap or shaving cream:

How to use it with shaving soap?

  1. Soak The Brush - if you are using an organic animal brush, you should soak it in warm water for a few minutes before you start (not required with synthetic brushes).
  2. Bloom the soap - this means adding a small layer of warm water on top of your shaving soap puck. This will start to soften it.
  3. Squeeze off excess water from your shaving brush.
  4. Swirl your brush over the soap puck for about 30 seconds, or until you have a good coating on the bristles.
  5. Transfer over to your shaving bowl, and start to swirl for a further 30 seconds.
  6. Now wet your brush again, and repeat the process until you have a thick, bubbly shaving lather.

How to use it with shaving cream?

  1. Soak The Brush - if you are using an organic animal brush, you should soak it in warm water for a few minutes before you start. For synthetic brushes, simply wet it before using.
  2. Apply a small amount of shaving cream to your shaving bowl.
  3. Squeeze off excess water from your shaving brush.
  4. Start with quick circular motions in your shaving bowl over the cream, and as you build up the lather you can slow it down.
  5. If it's not building well enough, you can add some more water to your bowl and continue (and if it's too damp, add more cream!).

How to clean, dry, and store your brush

After every shave, you should properly rinse your shaving brush with warm water, shake off excess, brush with a soft towel, and leave bristles facing downwards to air dry naturally.

If doing a deep clean, you can soak the brush in a cup filled with warm water and washing up liquid. Then rinse and dry as usual.

To store your shaving brush, it's best to do so with the bristles facing downwards on a stand.

Can you make a lather without a brush?

 It is possible to lather shaving cream and soap without a brush, but it is more difficult. You can use your hands to apply the product to your face, then work it with water into a lather from there. However this is a difficult technique, and so it's always best to use a brush.

How long do the brushes last?

There is no definitive answer on how long a shaving brush can last, with answers ranging from 10 - 30 years for a high-quality brush. You will most likely know when it's time to replace your brush.

What are the brushes made from?

The material used to make the brush depends on the type you purchase. Synthetic brushes are made from synthetic materials, badger brushes are made from badger hair, and boar brushes are made from boar hair.