Stirling Liquid Body Soap

Liquid Body Soap

What's the difference between body wash (or shower gel or any of the other names they use) and liquid body soap? I'm glad you asked. Body washes and shower gels aren't soap. They're a detergent-laden, sulfate-ridden, skin-stripping, dryness-inducing, itch-causing bottle of awfulness. Most companies selling them don't use the word soap on the label because it isn't actually soap.
Our Liquid Body Soap is just that: soap. Just like Stirling's wonderful bath soap bars, they are made by mixing oils and fats with lye (potassium hydroxide in this case, which keeps it from hardening up like sodium hydroxide would cause). Potassium Cocoate? That's the byproduct of potassium hydroxide and coconut oil. Potassium Oleate? Byproduct of potassium hydroxide and the fatty acid oleic acid. Potassium Olivate is just the result of saponifying Olive oil. Citric acid acts as a chelating agent to help the soap lather better in hard water conditions, replacing the tetrasodium EDTA found in body washes and shower gels.

A liquid body soap will leave your skin in a better condition than a bottle of "body wash."

**NOTE: The scent strength on this product is not as strong as other Shower products. It is a natural product and is not intended to linger on the skin after rinsed.

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