Amber Fougere Shaving Soap by The Goodfellas' Smile 100g

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Amber Fougere Shaving Soap by The Goodfellas' Smile is a quality hand made Italian Shaving Soap that has been made using an unfiltered cold saponification process.

The Goodfellas' smile shaving soaps are unfiltered and high quality handmade products. Over time they can take on new shades of color, bringing the crystallization of oleic acids to the surface. This process does not alter the intrinsic properties of the soap and its ingredients. The colouring of this soap is given by the addition of Alga Spirulina, a natural supplement that has been proven to benefit your skin. This soap is tallow free.

The scent is complex, intense and refined. It is the essense of Musgo Real Orange Amber, and is traditional with a capital "T"

You can choose to deepen and lengthen the scent experience of the matching aftershave EDT with its 70% denatured alcohol content it will last on the skin for a very long time.

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Ingredients: Aqua (water), stearic acid, cocos nucifera oil, potassium hydroxide, parfum, prunus amidgalus oil, butyrospermum parkii, glycerin, spirulina, linalool, limonene coumarin, eugenol, geraniol

Size: 100ml

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