IOSS Details


We are fully registered to use the EU IOSS system and Shaving Time have a Dutch Intermediary Agent who facilitates Shaving Times monthly EU VAT payments to the  European Union.

The IOSS scheme only applies to the member states of the European Union as listed here: EU Member States info

All orders under €150 from customers based in the EU will be charged the customers residential countries VAT rate and Shaving Time will pay this direct to the EU. This means that orders from the EU should be passed quickly through customs with no additional VAT or duty applied.

Orders over €150 will be charged local VAT, possibly duty and a handling fee before you are notified to pay these fees to release delivery.

We have had some orders under €150 stopped and charged by customs with VAT and a handling fee being applied.

If you are charged any customs fee, please email  with a copy of the customs invoice and we will refund that fee to you.