Our Artisans

Where would Shaving Time be without its Artisans?

Here you will find a brief introduction to some of the people and companies who provide us with their wonderful product.


Paragon Shaving - A Shaving Time Vendor

Paragon Shaving are a husband and wife team from British Columbia in Canada. They make premium shaving brushes from South American sourced hardwoods fitted with specially sourced knots. Quality is their ethos and what they take from South America in terms of raw materials they give back in the form of support for a Charity HOPAC which is a non profit organisation in El Salvador which aids children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. The mahogany used is not only hard but selected for their inherent properties that make them suitable for use when exposed to water.  


LatherBros - A Shaving Time Vendor
LatherBros. are a husband and wife team from South Florida, the scents created in their product line have a South Florida feel and as both owners where raised in Miami, that multicultural influence is represented in the products.  The range is made with natural products to really enhance your daily shave and provide a lush shaving experience and a fantastic post shave feel.


Stirling Soap Co Logo

Founded in 2012 by Rod and Mandy Lovan, they produce some of the best shaving products known to the shaving man.Based in downtown Booneville, Arkansas, USA . I had the privilege to spend a few days with the Lovan family back in April 2019 and I can't wait to go back. If you have never tried shaving with a Stirling, I suggest you grab a Shave soap sample just as quick as you can.


Known as HSSC, Highland Springs is owned and run by Mary and Chris Troniak. Based in Cranbrook in Canada's British Columbia. Mary is a qualified chemist who turned her skilled profession to professional soap making. Their soaps are formulated and made to give the most benefit to the skin and body.


Based in Corralitos, California,  Melody Kent has been making bath and hand soaps for many years, when her husband suggested they make a shave soap to expand their audience, boom went the Moon!  These are top tier shaving soaps appreciated by our customers for providing a sumptuous lather, slickness and a great post shave feel. 

As Melody says on their website "Every product is made with love and warm intentions to create a unique and divine experience, creating sweet alchemy..."


Todd Cerami, Founder & CEO decided back in 2005 after reading an article about the benefits of traditional shaving to create his own products, it took him a few years of development , then boom, he released the Fine Accoutrements Aftershave range, 4 ingredients and beautifully simple. Now you can buy and try the matching range. Great lather great scent.

 Exrro Cosmesi Logo

The creation of master soap maker Donato Ciniello. After 30 years working in the Italian cosmetics industry, Based in the outskirts of Turin, Donato turned his hand to making traditional wet shaving  products that are shave and skin friendly. His creams are made to suite those of us with the most sensitive skin. 100% vegetarian and they lather incredibly well and oh, what a shave and post shave feel they provide.


Hand made in Väderstad,  Sweden by Carina Folkesson,  who has a Nursing background as a herbal therapist. All their products are made with plant based skin kind ingredients, many sourced locally. Their mantra is simply that " Well being is a lifestyle" and their soaps are all made naturally to support that statement. 

 The Goodfellas' Smile logo

Hand made in Italy, TGS products are handmade non filtered high quality and hypoallergenic. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, they produce great glide and post shave feel at a fraction of the cost of other similar type brands.


Kerry Burrows is the owner and founder of Pheonix & Beau. Established in 2015 and based in Hitchen , England, they make their 100% Vegan Shaving Soap, Lotions and aftershaves for the traditional wet shaving community and sell them  worldwide.