The Artisans

Stirling Soap Company was founded in January, 2012 by owners, Roderick and Amanda Lovan.

They started their company after a trip to Scotland which left them both craving all things natural and pure including the food, beer and whisky. However to become purists would have meant that great additional expense would be required to fund that pure lifestyle. On further digging they realized that if they were able to produce a pure natural but cost effective soap then they would be on to something and here is where the spark began. 

Shaving Time started opened in 2013 selling only Stirling Soaps and today we continue to sell their fantastic products. Our plans are to soon import their range of matching Aftershave Splashes, once we find a boat big enough!



Shaver Heaven is family owned and run business from Melbourne, Australia and was established in September 2014. Shaver Heaven has continued to grow and is now known around the wet shaving community for their quality products and great customer service.

Shaver Heaven now have representation in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and South Africa. They are continuing to expand and grow thanks to the wet shaving community and their dedication to making excellent artisan shaving products.


Shaver Heaven makes their soaps in small batches and does not use any type of "Automation" throughout their entire process. This ensures that they remain true to the "Artisan" roots and that each and every product which leaves their warehouse has their seal of approval.


This is me, Lee. The founder and owner of Wet Shaving Products. I started the company to bring high quality shaving products to more men. I had a side business restoring and sharpening straight razors, but my first WSP product was shaving brushes. I saw that there was only two tiers of products. Stupid expensive luxury brands and poorly designed cheap brands. There was no high quality, well designed products at reasonable prices. So, I took my life savings and went to work to create the best possible brushes at reasonable prices. After my first year in business, I decided to make the leap. I left the practice of law and jumped in full time.

When I’m not doing cool things like designing & formulating new products, connecting with you guys, or extolling the virtues of wet shaving, I enjoy my time with my new baby girl, try to work out, play with my boxer dogs, and try to get some sleep. And every once in a while I take it easy and watch some football or catch a movie.