Aquamarine Copper Lather Bowl by Captain's Choice

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These are simply beautiful shaving bowls which have been aged and distressed with a spash of aquamarine colour.

The Aquamarine is made from the same copper plate as the Heavyweight Copper bowl but this is where the similarities end. 

Named after that unique space where green and blue come together, Aquamarine has a rich visual aura that is simply stunning. This special offering is not available from any retailer apart from Shaving Time in the UK and directly from Captain’s Choice.

Captain's Choice Lather Bowls are artisan made to strict specifications. Each one will differ slightly but the general look will be the same as in the images.

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Depth: 4cm

Weight 298g

Care Instructions: Hand wash only, after use simply rinse clean and wipe dry.

Not dishwasher proof.


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