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Black Hawk Safety Razor V2 by RazoRock

Brand: RazoRock

£32.49 GBP
ex.VAT £27.08 GBP

 Black Hawk Safety Razor V2 by RazoRock

Single Edge shaving is a wonderful and enlightening experience. This razor is an aggressive blade and will remove effortlessly a heavy beard growth or several days of growth. It's a beautiful razor and an eloquent stubble remover and everyone should have one. Blades are not included.

Recommended Blades:

  • FEATHER Professional Blade  (aka Artist Club Professional)
  • FEATHER Pro Guard Blade (aka Artist Club Pro Guard)
  • KAI Captain Titan Mild (aka KAI Pinks)
  • KAI Captain Titan Mild Protouch MG Blade (guarded blade)

FEATHER Professional Super Blades will also work but make the razor very aggressive and I would not recommend them. FEATHER Professional LIGHT blades will not work in the Hawk.

 Weight: 36.8gm

Handle: 90 mm long and 12 mm in diameter 

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