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Blackland Signature Shaving Brush - Red Noir Synthetic

Brand: Blackland

£65.00 GBP
Ex VAT £54.17 GBP

Machined from billet aluminium with a custom extra dense synthetic knot. Inspired by the blackbird safety razor. Featuring a striking and comfortable hand machined handle which has then been media blasted and hard anodised for protection. The 23mm synthetic knot is plush and dense and will whip up an amazing lather.

Designed to be the perfect extension to your hand with the perfect level of balance and grip.

Total Weight: 110g
Handle Dimensions: H - 65mm. W - 34mm
Handle Material: Billet aluminum
Handle finish: Media blasted and hard anodized (Type III)
Knot type: Synthetic
Knot size: 23mm
Knot loft: 52mm

Hand made in the USA

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