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Clear Thick Wall Shave Jar - 6oz

Brand: Stirling Soap Co

£5.88 GBP
Ex VAT £4.90 GBP

This is an empty 6oz clear shave jar (the same one we offer for our Women's Line with 5.8oz of shave soap).  It serves as a perfect storage/lather/travel container and will fit both 4.5oz Refill pucks as well as 1.1oz Sample pucks and leave plenty of room to load.  It is the same height as the 4oz Thick Wall Jar, just wider.

Interior Height: 1.38in

Interior Diameter: 3.69in

Exterior Height with Lid: 1.56in

Exterior Diameter: 4.00in

PLEASE see product images for reference.

NOTE: Shave soap and waterproof label do not come with the shave jar.  You are buying the jar only.

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