Darwin Aftershave Drakes Bay Rum Aftershave - 100ml

Brand: Darwin

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This alcoholic aftershave lotion is 100% natural. Specially formulated to calm razor burn, it is a real moisturizing lotion thanks to the vegetable and organic glycerin. It concentrates all the astringent, disinfecting and soothing virtues of selected essential oils. The alcohol it contains is also organic, it allows to disinfect any cuts and to give this light whiplash that awakens!

- St. Thomas bay and bay laurel: two similar fruits that are reminiscent of laurel, but that sweeten it.
- Citron: native to India, it brings a woody and fruity note at the same time. It is a citrus fruit similar to lemon, which scent is reminiscent of cedar.
- Frankincense: a woody, fairly mineral scent with a slightly spicy aspect.
- Amber rum: warm, sweet, spicy.
- Ambergris: powdery, warm, it helps binding the different notes together.
- Cade wood: smoky woody

Darwin Soap is a lather monster, made with 100% natural ingredients plus the Essential Oils, Glycerin and Shea Butter are organic.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat.*, Aqua, Glycerin*, Fragrance* (essential oils), limonene, eugenol, linalol, citral.

Made in France, in collaboration with Le Père Lucien

Size: Glass bottle, cork stopper sealed with wax 100ml

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