Extro Cosmesi Piemont Skin Care Moisturiser 100ml

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Extro Cosmesi Piemont has added donkey milk and Piemont cocoa which gives it, its colour and unique fragrance. A rich and warming chocolate scent for the winter season.

Extro Cosmesi Skin Case Moisturisers are designed to complement the scent of the Shaving Soap and EDT with the added benefit of moisturising the skin post shave. They can also be used as a daily face moisturiser.

Top notes: Vanilla, Cocoa, Butter, Almond, Rum, Coconut
Heart notes: Hawthorn, Rhum, cocoa, Butter, Coconut, Heliotrope Base
notes: Rum, Vanilla, cocoa, Musk, Tonka bean, Sugar cane, Caramel

Size: Glass bottle wih pump 100ml

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