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Extro Cosmesi Via Roma 14 Rivoluzione Shaving Cream

Brand: Extrò Cosmesi

£18.30 GBP
ex.VAT £15.25 GBP

The Extrò Cosmesi Shaving Cream Via Roma 14 Rivoluzione (Revolution) is a new scent by Extro Cosmesi.  It contains Calenduka Oil which is extracted from Marigold Plants, it is known for its anti bacterial, ant-fungal and anti inflammatory benefits and is used as an alternative medicine to help heal wounds and sooth eczema.

The scent well...Their current premises used to be a pastry shop, when Extro moved in, the empty aftershave bottles and soap jars took on the scent of the room, the years and years of pastry baking adhering to the glass surface. 

A mouthwatering sweet scent which has proven to be very popular.

Ingredients:  100% vegetable.

To be updated.

150ml of soap in a glass jar with a screw top lid.

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