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Feather Artists Club DX Razor ACD-R

Brand: Feather

£229.98 GBP
Ex VAT £191.65 GBP

There is no better shavette type razor in the world. This stunning Feather Artists Club DX razor will give you the closest shave ever. In some cases better than a straight or cut throat razor without the hassle or stropping or honing a traditional straight razor.

When the razor blade fades simply replace it.  We recommend starting out using a Feather Pro-Guard or Professional Soft Guard razor blade before moving onto the Feather Professional Blades. You should expect around 15 shaves from each blade.

Note from the Owner: "I have used one of these razors for many years and there is no better razor once you get used to using them. "

Material: Head made using SUS317 stainless steel, the handle is made from resin. These razors are superbly engineered.

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