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RazoRock German 37 Slant Safety Razor


£23.49 GBP

A slant razor cuts with an angled presentation to the face. In that rather than a horizontal drag across the bristles, the cutting angle is more obtuse and therefore slices at an angle through the beard as you move the razor head horizontally across the face. This is perfect for heavier beards or sensitive skin. It's like a hot knife through butter.

Based on a German traditional mid 20th century design, this is a razor to fall in love with, every day.

The head is made of Chrome Zinc alloy and is fitted with a machined 316L Stainless Steel RazoRock HD handle .

Handle: 13mm x 82mm

Head: Chromed Zinc Alloy

Handle: Machined 316L Stainless Steel

Weight: 118g