Henson AL13 Medium Safety Razor - Jet Black

Brand: Henson

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The Henson company make components for the Mars Rover, the International Space Station and low orbit satellites.

They have put the same 20 years of experience into the revolutionary Henson AL13, with its unique design for a simple irritation and cut free shaving experience.

Obtain a baby smooth shave with one pass and zero irritation with no clogging.

The AL13 Medium is a mild to medium aggressive razor.

Supplied with 5 Blades.

YouTube experience link

Made in Canada from aerospace grade aluminium to the AS9100 aerospace standards, the same standard used to create satellite components.

Technical Data

Material: Aluminium Jet Black

Blade Gap: Given the range of blade widths that exist, it is actually more accurate to give a range of exposure that you can likely anticipate, rather than just a single exposure value: 0.41 - 0.61mm

Weight 34g

Blade Exposure 0.002"

Handle: 9.53mm

Made in Ontario, Canada

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