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The Leaf Razor is an entirely unique plastic free multi blade shaving safety razor phenomenon, it can take up to 3 halved double edged razor blades which in combination with the pivoting head will give you the best head shave ever and with ease.

The Honey razor was an error in the colouring process that Honey was produced instead of gold. So Leaf decided to release the Honey version for Earth Month and donate $5 for each razor bought to the charity Pollinator Partnership.

This rare coloured razor is on offer at the special price of £45.

There is no learning curve required with this razor, period, go straight from plastic cart to the Leaf with ease and never look back, unless using a hand held mirror whilst shaving the back of your head!

Dave McMillan the owner of Shaving Time has used one for quite a while and in his opinion there in no better razor for head shaving and probably leg shaving as well, he hasn't yet tried the latter!

We frequently recommend this razor to customers enquiring about razors for head shaving and since we have been unable to stock them in the past, we thought it was time to rectify this!

The Leaf can be used for Face Shaving but in our opinion the size of the razor head can make it difficult to shave under the nose with ease.

Each razor comes with 10 leaf single edge blades but is compatible with any double edged razor blade, simply snap the DE Blade in half before fitting. 

See the full Leaf Range here

All metal construction 

Weight: 80g

Length: 155mm

Pivoting Head

Balanced Design

Colour Honey


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