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Mad Dog Beard and Hair Balm-Wax 100ml

Brand: Mad Dog

£7.99 GBP
Ex VAT £6.66 GBP

Mad Dog wax is designed to be effective on hair as well as on your beard, it will style and hold your hair with a natural look throughout the day without leaving any type of unsightly residue giving your a natural and casual look.

Unlike most opaque waxes, it is easy to model in your hands, Take a small peanut sized amount from the jar, rub it on your hands and apply to dry or slightly damp hair or to a dry beard. Shape as desired with your hands. The finish is opaque invisible and being water based, will leave no residue at the end of the day.

This is a professional product which is used in Salons and Barbershops.


Made in Italy by Goodfellas' Smile.

Our beard care range includes balm, oil, wax, combs/brushes, and accessories.

Popular balms include strong hold, shea butter, balm for a longer beard, and 100% natural balm.