Merkur 39C Slant Safety Razor

Brand: Merkur

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Merkur 39C Slant Safety Razor

The Merkur Slant 39C Barber Pole safety razor. The barber pole slant bar 39C is a longer handled version of the Merkur Slant 37C.

Any man with sensitive skin or an unusually coarse or thick beard hair will agree that regular shaving particularly along the neck area can cause unwanted irritation.

Slant style heads on safety razors feature a closed comb design and cut in a much different manner than many of the other safety razors on the market.

Instead of cutting hairs straight on as you would with any other razor blade, the slant head attacks the hair at an angle (like a scythe). This makes for a much cleaner cut on the follicle while reducing the pulling on the hair follicle as its being cut.

After using a slant head razor for just a couple of times, you will never EVER look back to your existing razor system.

The chrome plated 39C is a two piece DE razor.


Lenght: 10cm
Weight: 113g

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