Merkur Progress 510 (Long Handle) Safety Razor

Brand: Merkur

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The ivory-coloured dial of the MERKUR Progress 510 is not just to add attractive flair - it lets you adjust the blade gap and the setting angle of the razor blade. The long handle is designed not only for comfort but also to improve function. It helps you remove unwanted hair from difficult areas more easily. So nothing stands in the way of an individual and flawless shave!

You can adjust the distance between blade and comb with a quick rotation of the handle. This way you can tune the thoroughness of the shave to your personal preference. For example, you can work long hair with a large blade gap, while the daily facial shave can be done with a gentle blade setting.

Material: Brass handle, die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized surfaces, bright chrome-plated

Dimensions: 4.2 cm x 2.6 cm x 10.5 cm

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