Omega Roma Synthetic Shaving Brush - Lupa Capitolina

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The premium Italian Shaving Brush manufacturer Omega have created the Roma range incorporating the new Evo Silversynth synthetic tufts. These new brushes retain large amounts of water and soap, thus providing an excellent lather.

The Rome Capitoline Wolf has a 26mm knot and 45mm knot with a total height of 91 mm.

The fitted synthetic knot is said to be similair to Silver Tip badger knots.

The actual Capitolina Wolf is a bronze sculpture which depicts the founding of Rome, which is housed in the Palazzio dei Conservatori in Rome.

Overall height 91mm
Height of the handle 46mm
Hair height 45mm
Weight: 64gr
Knot: Silversynth 26mm
Handle: Ivory Imitation

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