Paragon Sianico Plisson Synthetic Brush - 28mm

Brand: Paragon

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Paragon Shaving are a husband and wife team from British Columbia in Canada. They make premium shaving brushes from South American sourced hardwoods fitted with specially sourced knots. Quality is their ethos and what they take from South America in terms of raw materials they give back in the form of support for a Charity HOPAC which is a non profit organisation in El Salvador which aids children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. The mahogany used is not only hard but selected for their inherent properties that make them suitable for use when exposed to water.

Fully tested by Dave from Shaving Time who can attest to their fantastic performance, even in a hard water area.

Paragon wanted to set themselves apart by offering  a densely packed, 28mm diameter "Plisson" type knot. This is the "Chubby" version of these synthetic knots. Its performance is unique and we are proud to offer this version to our customers

Handle Material: Mahogany

Handle Style: Sianico

Knot: Plisson "Chuby" Synthetic 28mm

Handle Height: 5.7cm

Total Brush Height: 12cm

Hand Made in Canada


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