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RazoRock BBS Open Comb DE Safety Razor UFO Handle Stainless Steel

Brand: RazoRock

£89.00 GBP
Ex VAT £74.17 GBP

Engineered in 316L Stainless Steel the RazoRock  BBS Open Comb with the UFO handle is a razor for life. Slightly more aggressive than the BBS standard with the added benefit of the open comb non clogging design and it's ability to allow the lather to glide under the head allowing for touch-ups without the need to re-lather.

The increased curvature of the head allows the blade to be presented at 35% instead of the standard 45%. This gives the razor better handling and ultimately an easier shave.

Weight : 98g

Handle : 13 x 85mm UFO

Material : 316L stainless steel

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