RazoRock Eco Ufo Half Blade Black Safety Razor

Brand: RazoRock

£32.99 GBP
ex.VAT £27.49 GBP

 The all new half blade Razor by Razorock, made with anodized lauminium and CNC milled.

A modern take on the old single edged Gem and Gillette Razors a must for any serious shaver enthusiasts collection.

this lovely looking razor can be use with any Double Edged Blade, simply snapped in half. Take a razor blade within its protective paper and between thumb and forefinger simply push the sides together until it snaps in half. Then remove one half carefully from the paper and fit into the Razor.

Length: 85mm

Weight: 38g

Finish: Anodised Aluminium 6062 black handle and head.


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