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RazoRock MJ-90A Stainless Steel Halo Handle Safety Razor

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The MJ-90A head is made from 6061 aluminium with a black anodised finish. The Handle is engineered from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel and is hand polished. The head has been designed as to not show the blade edges within the razor head.

This razor is a medium aggtressive razor designed to remove course and stiff stubble.

This is a beautiful combination of engineered aluminium and stainless steel, designed to give the perfect of shaves.

  • Materials: Instead of low-quality zinc-alloy (Zamak/pot metal), Razorock used aircraft aluminum block for the head and 316L stainless steel rod for the handle.
  • Built using precision CNC milling, both for the head and handle. The tolerances are superior to the DE89.
  • Instead of having the blade tabs exposed, Razorock have milled the tolerances of the guideposts to precisely hold the blade with very little blade play, meaning the blade tabs can be covered, protecting your precious ear lobes.
  • Some alloy cast razors are well known for its threaded post snapping off. Why? Because it uses cheap pot metal and because it's post is spot welded on. Drop it from 12-18 inches and the post breaks off into the handle rendering your $40-45 razor useless and ready for the landfill. We completely milled the top cap from a block of aircraft aluminum, meaning the top cap is one solid piece, no broken posts here!
  • Instead of using a hollow cheap handle, Razorock have milled the handle from solid 316L marine-grade stainless steel and hand polished it. They have also milled in the RazoRock Halo rings for extreme grip and comfort!


Weight: 90g

Handle Length: 90 mm

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