Stirling Boat Drinks Bath Soap 5.5oz (155g)

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At long last we have the elusive Stirling Boat Drinks. Covid caused major supplier problems with some of the ingredients in 2020, but it's here now...

What's more satisfying than a tropical drink on a warm, breezy summer day cruising around the Caribbean?!  Nothing! At least that's what we're telling ourselves right now, as we all really need a getaway. This scent is a delicious blend of Banana, Coconut, Rum, Frangipani, and Tangerine.  Stirling's goal was to capture the essence of this intoxicating tune and we think they have done just that.

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**PLEASE NOTE: The rum note in this product has been known to cause a warming sensation for some customers similar to that of cinnamon or clove. It should dissipate in about 30 seconds after your shave but if it continues longer, please discontinue use. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend ordering a sample or avoiding this scent entirely.


Beef Tallow, RSPO (Sustainable) Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oil, Menthol, Sodium Lactate

 Soap Block in cardboard box  5.5oz (155g)

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