Synthetic - Bulb Tuxedo, Black, Brass and Blue - 30mm

  • £37.50

Handmade ceramic shaving brush with a 30mm Tuxedo knot, famed for its incredible backbone and soft tips. These are set at 55mm loft which is an ideal height for getting the most from these knots for both face and bowl latherers alike.

All of my products are lovingly handmade on a potter’s wheel by myself in a small studio in Cardiff, Wales and came about through my interest in wet shaving. Due to the fact that these are all handmade, there will be some slight differences in size but the differences will be minor. I have developed my range of shaving pottery through trial and error and working with other shaving enthusiasts from around the country.

I love these brushes.. Dave McMillan

Knot: 30mm 
Loft: 55mm 
Handle: 2.5" (Approx.)