The Code 80 Mystery Shavetastic Box

Brand: The Shaving Time Company Ltd

£79.99 GBP
Ex VAT £66.66 GBP

We have put together 3 mystery box packages for those shavers who just can make their minds up with what to buy from our extensive range. You will receive shaving soaps, creams, balms or aftershaves up to the value of £80 and sometimes a little bit more. This is your opportunity to receive what's hot or what we at shaving time think you would benefit from trying. 

Please note that the contents may vary from box to box and can contain aftershaves that may or may not contain alcohol,  soaps or creams that may be Tallow or Vegan based.

Be prepared to be surprised!

Returns accepted on entire order or individual items within the box in line with our returns Policy up to a maximum of £80. (The mystery box may contain a total value in excess of £80)



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