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Italico Safety Razor (closed comb) by The Goodfellas' Smile

Brand: The Goodfellas' Smile

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Italico Safety Razor (closed comb) by The Goodfellas' Smile

This is how the Italico project came to life and looking at this beautiful thing, thank goodness for that. 

The idea was to create something beautiful, precise and functional, able to reflect Italian flair, luxury and production capacity.
To create the head of the safety razor with closed guard (Closed Comb) we have opted for a degree of shaving depth higher than the average to allow its use both for daily use and for weekly shaves without however never exceeding with the aggressiveness of cut.
The head is made of high quality satin die-cast Zamak.

The handle, in AISI 303 stainless steel with hard chrome treatment, makes the product scratch-proof, anti-rust and potentially eternal. Furthermore, the extremely refined design make this safety razor a real must have.

Length of the handle: 90 mm
Weight: 110 gr

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