The Goodfellas' Smile Stiletto Silver Safety Razor

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The Stiletto razor is the new razor from The Goodfellas' Smile. They are a collaboration between The Goodfellas' Smile and  Minuterie Metalliche Rocchetti. The development of this Razor took 3 years and is the first razor made in Italy using the latest generation of CNS milling machines. They are all created from a single bar of 316Ti Stainless Steel which contains 0.5% Titanium which provides a razor which is more resistant to corrosion.

The Stiletto razors are coated with a special non toxic and biocompatible PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating and are guaranteed for 10 years.

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The Stiletto Razors come in 3 blade gaps:

Silver: 0.50mm - Mild

Black: 1.10mm - Aggressive

Gold: 0.85mm - Medium Aggressive


Material: Stainless Steel 316Ti

Colour: Silver
Gap: 50mm
Handle length: 85mm
Handle weight: 85gr
Handle diameter: 13mm
Head weight: 27gr
Head length: 4,2cm
Head width: 2,4cm
Total length of razor: 9cm
Total weight: 112gr

Made in Italy

Please Note:

Every single Stiletto safety razor is hand-polished by experienced craftsmen to ensure the best possible result and then checked one by one to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.
Despite this, minor cosmetic defects are normal, given the handcrafted nature of the work and the polished surface of the razor.

The Stiletto razor is guaranteed for 10 years against conformity defects.