The Leaf Twig Safety Razor - Prism

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The Twig Razor is a single edged all metal construction razor . Designed for anyone who wishes to have a precise and comfortable shaving experience regardless of the area being shaved.  Designed to be simple to use and to shave cleanly and irritation free on face, head, legs and concave areas.

The handle is back weighted and delivers intuitive control, it is simple to load with an easy twist to release and close action. The blade is held in place by an imbedded magnet to assist the ease of loading and takes any Double Edge razor blade snapped in half.

Each razor comes with 5 half DE blades.

All metal construction 

Weight: 66g

Length: 101mm

Head Length: 42mm

Colour: Prism

Each razor comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30 day return if unsatisfied,