I was Mongoose'd on a Tuesday and it felt fine...

Tuesday's shave saw a luscious dip into the glorious Siefe 1001 Tabula Rasa SteamPunk shaving cream... 3 lather laden passes with the Mongoose single edge left me smooth faced and ready to face the day, a vital layer of freshness was applied with a double dose of Fine Vetiver splash and Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT. I loaded the Mongoose... View more

Shave of the Day - Monday 29th June

A cheeky little 2 pass shave WTG ad ATG using a wonderful Gillette Slim 1963 matched with a Gillette Nacet blade. The razor was on setting 5, the blade on setting sharp. I used Shaver Heaven Aladdin and we all had a ball with a decent splash of Aramis Devin County to end. The Shaver Heaven website details this soap as "....a... View more