Collection: Moon Soap Co

Moon began as a passion project fueled by my lifelong love for bath and body products. With a desire to create nurturing, luxurious products that smell divine, I embarked on a journey of experimentation and hard work. Handmade from scratch using exotic butters, premium fragrances, essential oils, and botanicals, Moon products embody quality and care. We prioritize sustainability and purity, avoiding parabens and phthalates while sourcing local, sustainable, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

What started as a one-woman soap business has blossomed into a partnership with my husband, Zachary. After years of crafting cold process soap and body products solo, Zachary joined me to explore the world of shave soap. With meticulous research and guidance, he perfected Old School, our inaugural shave soap.

From formulation to packaging design, we've kept every aspect of Moon "in house." We even render our own beef tallow from Zachary's trimmings at work, ensuring our shaving soaps and creams are truly unique. Located in picturesque Corralitos, California, our home-based apothecary studio draws inspiration from the coastal beauty of Monterey Bay beaches and the grandeur of the nearby redwoods. With our two young children and spirited Jack Russell by our side, life at Moon is always bustling with creativity and joy."