Established in 2014 

I was intrigued and wanted to try it. There was a slight problem with this, in that you could only buy buy it direct from Stirling, now being a Scotsman does have its advantages and one of those is not to pay the odds for something if you can figure out an idea to get it cheaper. Shipping plus taxes for 1 or 2 soaps direct was not frugal in any way, shape or form so I decided to contact Rod & Mandy  Lovan, the owners of The Stirling Soap Company and made a proposition via Skype to purchase 50 Shaving Soaps, create a website and sell them in the UK. I think that Rod took a shine to me.

The Shaving Time Company was born in 2014, it was a rudimentary hand written website and sales didn't blossom, in fact if I sold 1 puck a week, it was party time, being Scottish any excuse can be manipulated to have a party.

There have been many website versions and the one you see now is a result of my learning, my investment and my down right determination to force everyone to enjoy what I enjoy, that being a damned fine daily shave. I believe that when a Man shaves, that time is his own, it's his quiet time, a time to contemplate life, the past, the present and the future, it's also a time to think about his next visit to the pub and what the weekends football results will be. After all we are men, we are not complicated and easily pleased.

I think that you will see with clarity what inspired the name Shaving Time, I love the name, it describes exactly what it is all about.

Shaving Time continues to grow, we have a fantastic customer base who just keep coming back. I must be doing something right and whatever that is, i will continue to do it. 


Shaving Time continues to provide state of the art Shaving Products to the UK. We continue to introduce new products to keep our keen shaving customers coming back for more. 

"Our duty is to serve, whilst yours is to shave"


Contact Details: 

We are always willing to help you with any aspect of your visit to Shaving Time . 

To contact us please email: stsales@shavingtime.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jay Crick