Collection: Henson Razor Co

At Henson, aerospace is in our DNA. For two decades, we've crafted parts destined for space missions, like the OneWeb constellation and Exo Mars rover. With longevity at the forefront, our components are built to endure for decades—once they're up there, there's no turning back.

Now, we've applied our precision engineering to razors. The AL13 razor, machined from Aluminum (the 13th element), is designed with tight tolerances to ensure blade stability and minimize irritation. Compatible with standard DE blades, costing just cents each, you're not tied to buying from us—because our focus is on razor performance, not blade sales.

While our dedication to quality means you only need to buy once, it's not the best business model. Unlike many in the industry, our focus is solely on function, not subscriptions or upsells. And that's okay with us—it's simply who we are.