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Rk Chromium Double Edge Razor Blades (10 Pk)

Rk Chromium Double Edge Razor Blades (10 Pk)

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Rk Chromium Double Edge Razor Blades (10 Pk)


The RK Chromiums have surpassed my expectations and risen to the top of my personal shaving blade selection. Despite being more affordable, these blades have outperformed both Gillette Platinums and 7 o'clock Black Super Platinums as my daily choice. I am willing to invest in the right blade for a superior shave experience, and the RK blades do not disappoint. They are incredibly sharp, comparable to the Black Super Platinums and Nacets. When it comes to quality, there are two aspects to consider - shaving performance and blade durability. The RK's excel in both areas, with only one dud blade out of many. In comparison, I have never encountered a dud from Gillette blades despite using them for many years. I find that the RK blades are effective for up to three uses, typically within 7 days of the first shave, making them a practical and high-quality choice for my shaving routine.


This blade will work in all double-edged safety razors.

Pack of 10 Blades

Made in India


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