Extrò Cosmesi

Donato Ciniello has been working in the world of cosmetics for over thirty years, for the last ten years he has developed the Extro Cosmesi range of Shaving Soaps and complimentary Aftershave colognes. 

Based in Settimo Toriniese near Turin, northern Italy, Donato has a shop that produces and sells products such as razors, creams, soaps and shaving brushes. Within the shop they have a "free hand" wall which is dedicated to those who love and use the traditional straight razor.

The hand made shaving creams are free from parabens and alcohol which are well suited to those of us with sensitive skin. Using a shaving brush, with or without a bowl you can create a wonderfully slick lather that will provide the smoothest glide for the sweetest shave.   All the soaps come in a heavy  glass jar, simply put, shaving perfection awaits you.

Dave says "They are what we would describe as re-assuringly expensive but well worth the additional cost for the fantastic lather, glide and post shave feel, if you have not tried these soaps, you need to."

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