Collection: beard brush & beard comb

beard brush & beard comb
Here are some tips for brushing your beard:
  • Brush before showering
    Brush your dry beard before you shower to exfoliate and remove beardruff. A boar bristle brush works well for this.
  • Use a firm brush
    A firm bristle brush can help organize hairs and make them lay correctly.
  • Brush with the grain
    Brush slowly with the grain, starting at the sides of your face and working your way down towards your chin. If you feel resistance, don't pull or jam the brush.
  • Apply beard oil
    Apply beard oil before brushing to help keep your beard healthy and well-maintained. Brushing will spread the oils evenly throughout your beard.
  • Train your beard
    Through continued brushing and styling in a specific direction, you can train your beard hair to sit in the way you want it to. For example, you can guide your beard hair towards your chin.
  • Use beard wax or balm for styling
    Once your beard is brushed, you can apply beard wax or balm to style it into your desired look