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Henson Medium AL13 V2 - Double Edge Safety Razor - Aircraft Silver

Henson Medium AL13 V2 - Double Edge Safety Razor - Aircraft Silver

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The only question is, "do you want the easiest way to change from multicart razors to traditional shaving and reap all of the benefits ?

It is estimated that once you have purchased your Henson razor that shaving will cost you around £5 a year in replacement blades, match that against popular subscription services and watch in your mirror as the smile appear on your lathered face.

Transitioning from cartridge razor systems to DE shaving has now been made very simple.

Watch our very own Dave McMillan shave with the Henson Al13, Please note that this is a version V1 razor shave and ignore him when he says they are made in the USA!

Henson AL13 Shave

The Henson AL13 V2 is the new razor from Henson with subtle changes in the shape of the head edges as shown in the images.

  • The unique head angles the inserted DE razor blade to the perfect angle for shaving leaving no room for blade overexposure and therefore causing no blade irritation when shaving.
  • The Blade angle is precisely CND machined to tolerances as tight as 0.000508 mm, the result is an absolutely smooth and pleasant shave.
  • The head is uniquely designed with exit channels designed to expel hair and lather to ensure that there is no clogging.  Hair and lather are expelled during the rinsing of the head which should be completed several times whilst shaving.
  • Thread design feature. When dirt or grit gets into threads, it can cause them to bind. This channel catches grit as you turn the handle so that the threads do not bind. When you unscrew it, you are able to wipe that channel clean.
  • Plastic free and made from aerospace grade aluminium and a piece of tungsten (the screw hole in the base plate), your Henson AL13 razor will last a lifetime.


The Henson AL13 Razors V2 are CNC Engineered Aluminium Razors which come in Mild or Medium aggression versions in multiple colours. 

Made in Canada from aerospace grade aluminium to the AS9100 aerospace standards, the same standard used to create satellite components.

  • The + on the back of the box and under the razor head = Mild
  • The ++ on the back of the box and under the razor head = Medium

Technical Details

  • AL13 - Mild -  .68 mm [.027”] Blade Gap and .033 mm [.0013"] Blade Exposure
  • AL13 - Medium - .85 mm [.033”] Blade Gap and .058 mm [.0023”] Blade Exposure

The .85 mm and .68 blade gap, would be considered on the aggressive side, respectively. However, the nature of the Henson design mitigates some of the effects of the unwanted aggression. This is why Henson chose a higher aggression blade gap. This allows more of the positive benefits of the aggressive blade gap while the unwanted by products are a bit tamed by the head design. This is one way the razor achieves good safety and high shaving performance simultaneously.

Weight 34g

Handle: 9.53mm

Colour: Aircraft Silver

Made in Ontario, Canada

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